Be it a cute blue bird tweeting away, or a portable library, men in black singing about a phone, or a big bucketful of chicken wings- what catches your attention stays in your mind. It can be irritating, funny or maybe just has a catchy jingle; advertisements are meant to be noticed. The advertising industry is one of the foolproof industries that will always be trending. Consumers need to know all about a product or a service before they choose to use it. Hence, advertising industry will always be progressing. In advertising industry, there are many job posts, and for each one of these, you need to apply along with your resume, which should display your finest qualities in the best way possible. In addition, you being a professional from the advertising industry, your resume should to be exceptionally good as you are supposed to be good at advertising stuff, including your service. For each of these jobs, you will need to tailor your resume according to the requirements of that specific post. However, there are certain resume writing rules that are common to all resumes in general. You need to take into account these resume writing tips before starting on your advertising resume. 

Advertising Resume - "TO DOs":
  • Use positive tone
  • Better to write the resume and cover letter in active voice
  • Mention references in the resume
  • Write complete contact details and be careful about it if you want the employers to contact you
  • Write an impressive and personalized career objective
  • Use bullet points, which make data easy to read
  • List all events (work experience and education) chronologically- with the latest and the most important mentioned first
  • Proofread after completing the resume to weed out any mistakes present. Get it checked from someone else too, as what you think is correct in a resume, might not necessarily be
Advertising Resume - "NOT TO DOs":
  • Do not use jargon or slang in the resume as it is a professional document
  • Exaggeration, truism, and irrelevance should be avoided in resumes
  • Lies!!! All they are going to do is get you in trouble. Lies are never going to help you in resumes
  • Do not list references without their permission
  • Do not leave out any important information as it might lead to your resume ending up in the bin. The HR may get suspicious that you are trying to hide information and may reject your resume
These are some helpful tips that, if followed meticulously, will lead you to your successful resume and dream interview.
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