Those interested to make a career in the banking sectors have wider opportunities. Banks need skilled and semi-skilled people to work for them in different positions. Jobs can be found as a clerk, financial advisor, teller, treasurer, analyst, payroll manager, branch manager, etc. All these job positions have different selection criteria based on the training, and education. Once you have completed the required training and experience, all you need is a resume to search for the job. A good banking resume sample will help you in finding the job in banks and financial institutions.

Banking jobs need skilled people. The requirements of each bank position will not be the same. You have to understand your strength and apply for the job that you can easily qualify for. The banking resume should match the position applied. For all the entry-level or a senior position, doing some prior preparation will always help in saving time for you as well as the employer. You must construct your banking resume taking assistance from the resume writing tips. You will gain much confidence in drafting your banking resume going thorough those tips.

Further, you must look for resume samples. Use them for to understand the flow and format of resume. The readers should not feel that you have copied and pasted the same information from the banking resume sample. This will place you in an awkward position.  If previous samples have not made any good to you, here is a banking resume sample you can look at it for guidance.

                                                                            Banking Resume Sample

Curtis M. Sloan
3613 Mudlick Road
Spokane, WA 99202
Phone: (509) XXX-2578


To work as a bank clerk and help the establishment in providing excellent customer services, and at the same time I can contribute in the growth and development factors.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Excellent mathematical and reasoning abilities
  • Good customer service skills
  • Knowledge and experience of banking industries
  • Familiar with bookkeeping and recording banking transactions
  • Aware about banking products
  • Can communicate effectively in verbal and writing
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and attitude to work with attention
  • In-depth knowledge of credit ratings and accounting software
Work Experience

Bank Clerk
ABC Bank, Spokane, WA 2009 – Present
  • Accept deposits, checks, and make payments
  • Confirm customers’ identify and signature during cash transactions
  • Receive and process clients’ loan requests
  • Record transaction in the computer system
  • Answer clients’ questions and inform them about different banking products, and services
  • Verify the financial status of customers by communicating with the credit-rating agencies
  • Attain and solve complaints of account holders
  • Handle administrative tasks like making calls, answering questions, and opening and closing accounts
  • Feed., maintain and update customers’ records in the computer systems
  • Process applications for fund transfer, ATM cards, and change of address and contact numbers
  • Compute outstanding payments while closing accounts and loans
Asst. Bank Clerk
My Bank, Spokane, WA 2007 – 2009
  • Entered and maintained transactions’ records manually and electronically
  • Assisted in administration and research work
  • Handle individual and corporate loan proposals
  • Calculated the annual interest rate for home and vehicle loans
  • Counted cash in counter before and at the end of shift
  • Communicated with clients for outstanding payments

Associate Degree in Accounting
Zenith Community College, Spokane, WA 2007


On request

This banking resume sample is written for a bank clerk position. The format and element will remain the same for all types of banking jobs. After the education section, you can add awards and achievements, if any.
Sending resume and cover letter to apply for any job opening has become essential. Whether you are applying for job in a creative, technical or entertainment field, you need a resume. Resume is a document that contains details about your qualification, work experience, skills, etc. that would help the employer to judge whether you are the right candidate for the job. Once you have created your resume, it is import to update it every time you apply for a new job. You resume may be divided into appropriate sections and may have correct formatting. But if the details included in the resume are generic, then it may lead to the rejection of your job application. We have provided a sample of stone carver resume that you can use for reference to draft a customized resume. You should include those work experience details in your resume that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

                                                                            Sample Stone Carver Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Denise S. Wilson
Address: 1147 Queen Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 47815
Home: (727) 522 1147
Mobile No.: (727) 522 9563

Professional Summary:
Around eleven years of professional experience in stone carving
Through knowledge about stone carving, design creation and polishing
Able to work along with a team of stone carvers on large sculpturing assignments

Work Experience:

Title: Stone Carver
Name of Company: ADR Creations
Tenure: February, 2005 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:

To create new design patterns to be engraved on stone
To attend meetings with the client to understand their requirements and accordingly create customized designs
Using new tools and machinery to engrave different patterns
Ensure that the workers are appropriately polishing stone sculptures and deigns
Inspecting all the sculptures and ensuring that they are engraved as per company standards

Title: Assistant Stone Carver
Name of Company: SWT Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Tenure: July, 2000 to February, 2005
Roles and Responsibilities:

To study stone engraving design provided by the designers
Use various tools to mark design on the stone
Make use of various instruments to carve design on different types of stones
To inspect the carved design and make sure that there are no flaws in the design
To give finishing touch to the stone sculpture using various tools


High School Diploma, St. Teresa High School, 2000


Member of Florida Stone Carver Association


Name: Richard S, Wilson
Title: Human Resource Manager
Name of Company: ADR Creations
Address: 1147 Green Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 47811
Mobile No.: (727) 148 1593

Name: Mary W. Bull
Title: Administrative Head
Name of Company: SWT Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 9948 Diamond Street, Saint Petersburg, FL 47811
Mobile No.: (727) 405 4783

The stone carver resume example (see that we have mentioned above has been created after considering vital points that must be laid emphasis on in resume for the post of stone carver. It is important to proofread your resume. Spelling, grammar or typographic mistakes in a resume will create bad impression. Therefore, keeping your resume error-free is important.
Imagine a situation where you are a member of some country club, and you are called with your spouse to attend a social gathering. Being a member, your presence for the function is imperative. However, you also have to take care of your kids as you cannot leave them at home. Thanks to the concepts called 'playroom' that is practiced in most of the social club, departmental stores and all other establishments of the service industries. Because of the playroom facilities, you can rest assured that your children are safe, and you can peacefully enjoy your visits. These types of services provided to their patrons by establishments have created employment opportunities for those who do not hold a higher degree. This job is perfect for men and women who love to work with children and take care of them till their parents return to pick them up. As we understand how difficult it is to create a professional resume, we will help you in writing a playroom attendant resume.

If you happen to be one who is interested in the playroom attendant position, be with us for some moments to learn what it takes to draft a winning playroom attendant resume. First, let us describe you what a resume is and why it is so important in the job search. Resume is a document that shows your professional qualifications and work experience to the potential employers. As qualification is not a major concern in qualifying for the position, you have to stress more on the experience part. You can describe any work or job you have been doing to earn your living. Nothing will be better if you hold an experience matching the position.

To write the playroom attendant resume, take help from the resume writing tips. Also, look for a resume format and resume template to better your understanding. Complying with the commitment to help you in resume writing, we are providing a sample of playroom attendant resume.

                                                                            Sample Playroom Attendant Resume

Amanda S. Wong
4359 River Road
Manzanola, CO 81058
Phone: (719) XXX-8576


With lots of love for children and a positive approach, I would like to seek a playroom attendant position in an establishment where I could entertain and keep kids safe till their parents are away.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Immense patience, fun-loving and friendly attitude
  • Highly creative and imaginative in entertaining children
  • Excellent communication and supervision skills
  • Comfortable with all age-group
  • Knowledge of first-aid and medical emergencies
  • Ability to perform the job with sincerity and dexterity
  • Understand one’s responsibility in taking care of children
  • Skilled in babysitting techniques and creating fun and entertaining activities
  • Knowledge to pass information in person and over the phone to the parents
  • Flexible and adaptive natured
Work Experience

Playroom Attendant
Active Fitness Center, Manzanola, CO 2008 – Present
  • Maintain attendance record of children and ensure the center is cleaned and sanitized before and at the end of shift
  • Monitor fun activities to see children are safe
  • Restrict outsiders’ entries other than parents in the center
  • Converse with parents and know about any special care for their children
  • Work ethically and follow regulations meant for children care
  • Carry and memorize kids’ and parents’ names, including contact numbers
  • Use gloves to change diapers and crib sheets
  • Study children’ response and plan fun programs accordingly
Playroom Attendant
City Club, Manzonola, CO 2006 – 2008
  • Developed good relationships with members and their children
  • Won confidence of members with excellent customer service
  • Supervised and ensured safety of children in the club
  • Created and maintained fun environment to make children feel at home
  • Took attendance of children while taking and handing over shift
  • Cleaned and kept the work area neat and healthy

High School Diploma
Community High School, Manzonola, CO  2006


On request

Remember, the playroom attendant resume is sent to win the confidence of the employers. You must show them that you sincerely love to work with children and can take care of them till they are in your custody.
Records are a part and parcel of our lives. It follows us like our shadow right from our birth till we finally close our eyes. When we relate it to the business, it has a totally different kind of importance. In business, you have to follow a proper system to manage and retain records, which is possible only by implementing a well-planned and need-based records-management system. Since lots of activities take place simultaneously in a business, it becomes compelling for companies to analyze the records-management systems. Here, the skills and experience of analysts are needed. If you enjoy examining a system, and have the needed qualification, write a records-management analyst resume.

The records-management analyst reviews the records-management systems and finds out whether the company is following the Federal or state regulations in retaining, maintaining and disposing business records. This is essential because financial records are to be maintained for seven years according to the law. Thus, considering the primary responsibilities of this position, the records-management analyst resume should show in-depth knowledge of records management. This employment would need you to evaluate the existing procedures in records maintenance and develop new and effective methods or policies that could help the management to keep the records safe.

The records-management analyst resume should include the needed skills such as communication, problem-solving and office maintenance. The employers would also watch for your abilities to conduct research and present report. If you are not sure about describing skills and abilities, take help from resume writing tips online. This resume sample given below will also help you in creating one.

                                                                            Records-Management Analyst Resume

Patrick J. Monson
3866 Shinn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: (724) XXX-7358


To work as a records-management analyst and help the company in following Federal and State regulations for storing, maintaining and disposing business records.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Knowledge of the procedures and methods used for records retention and schedules
  • Awareness about the Federal, state regulations concerning business records
  • Knowledge to schedule projects, conduct research and interviews to analyze records
  • Familiarity with recordkeeping systems, and software
  • Skilled in interpreting applicable rules for records retention
  • Exceptional organization and time-management skills
  • Unusual coordination and communication skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
Work Experience

Records-Management Analyst
ABC Manufacturing Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 
2008 – Present
  • Review and evaluate existing records-management systems
  • Implement new effective methods in maintaining, protecting, handling and disposing business records
  • Communicate with staff and collect information for reviewing and problem-solving
  • Research problematic areas and draft a report of amendment
  • Train staff on how to handle, and manage business records
  • Reviews forms and reports to evaluate the format, purpose and distribution
  • Plan training schedules and draft manuals to help employees in using, and following records maintenance process
  • Review the department’s record-keeping and filing systems and provide necessary suggestions or recommendations
  • Calculate the available space to plot and draft storage and office layout
  • Transfer existing records to inactive or storage devices according to the records retention schedule and government timetable imposed for recordkeeping, or destroying records no longer in use
  • Evaluate and provide suggestions for modifications or changes in record filing methods

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
Business University, Pittsburgh, PA 


On request

The records-management analysts have to evaluate the record keeping systems of an organization. They have to find ways and methods that could help the management to conduct the business operations effectively and efficiently. If you can shoulder these responsibilities, make changes in this records-management analyst resume sample and convert it into yours by adding your skills and qualifications.
A resume is a detailed document displaying the complete details of a job-seeking individual. It is always written in a very strict and formal format and details like educational qualification, prior job experiences, merits, and honors are provided in order to have a positive impact on the company, which is recruiting or looking for new employees.

A resume is usually one to three pages, and focuses the reader's attention to a person's background that is directly related to a particular position. Resumes should contain keywords that potential employers are looking for. Using active verbs and displaying content in a flattering manner is another way of making a positive impact on the employer. Recent trends have extended the length of a resume and many companies are now seeking a more detailed and lengthier resume in order to separate a potentially good candidate from the rest of the herd.

Given below is a list of duties and responsibilities, which an Admitting Office Manager is expected to practice:
  • Manage the admission staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance
  • Strictly adhere to the company policies and make sure the staff follows them as well
  • Listen, solve any grievances or issues of the staff, and make sure they follow a healthy and professional conduct when in the company premises
  • Implement new rules as well as making the staff aware of any new rules and regulations that have been enforced by the company
  • Provide facilities and training to new recruits and make them aware of the various company policies
When preparing a resume for the post of an admitting office manager, the following points should be kept in mind:
  • First, make sure your resume has a very formal and professional outlook
  • Provide every pertinent detail of your educational qualifications, previous job experiences and make sure you explain them explicitly
  • Ensure you do not provide any irrelevant information as it deviates the employer from your resume
  • Do not forget to provide your contact details so that the employer can get back to you if they have any doubt
  • Always remember to be courteous
  • Never deviate from the format, which has been provided to you and being too boastful of your achievement should not be practiced as well
  • Give every detail of your achievements without any exaggeration whatsoever
                                                                Sample Admitting Office Manager Resume

Sharon S. Barrow
1176 Happy Hollow Road
Wilmington, NC 28412
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: 910-538-5700


Applying for position as an Admitting Office Manager in your esteemed company (company name)


I am a professionally trained Office Manager with prior work experiences as an Admitting Manager in two places namely Gotham Central Hospital and CBZ Telecom. Trained in medical office work with immense leadership qualities, a never end thirst for knowledge, and good communication skills as well.


Admitting Office Manager, 2007-09

Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA

In my stint there, my primary duties were admitting patients, managing the staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance. I was lauded for my efforts and was presented with the 'Devotion to Duty' award by the hospital many times.

Admitting Office Clerk, 2009-Current

CBZ Telecom, Ohio City, Ohio

My experience here has been very enriching and has provided me with a lot of knowledge and some technical expertise as well. I have been rewarded for my dedication towards the work here as well.

A.A., Info Management Institute, 2005
Abc Community College, Minnesota, USA
Accolades and Involvements
  • 'Devotion to Duty' by Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA
  • 100% Attendance record by CBZ Telecom
Other Personal Details

Date of Birth: 18 June 1990
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: American
Children: None
Driver's License: Yes, B category
A janitor when applying for a job will submit a janitor resume. A janitor is the person responsible for washing the doors and the walls, sweeping the floors, removing trash, maintaining indoor and outdoor surroundings clean, and performing maintenance activities in a building. The job post of a janitor might not be one of very great importance but it is still considered important enough. Submitting a resume for this post will give an impression to the employer that you are really serious and professional.  

While writing any resume, you need to be very sure that your resume and the accompanying cover letter should be free of any mistakes like spelling, grammar, or typos. Making mistakes in the resume makes your employers think you are not serious about your career. Resume references are a good idea, but take permission before listing them. Keep in mind certain obvious resume writing rules in order to come up with an impressive resume.

Do not forget to accompany your resume with a cover letter. Make sure you mention the complete and correct name of the addressee. Do not produce any lies or false information in the resume.

We have provided you with a janitor resume sample in order to give you an idea as to how you should work on your own resume.

                                                                                Janitor Resume Sample

Personal Details

Name: Phillip Brookstein
Address: 15, Greenberry Trade Street,
Booterstown Congress Avenue, Callaway, FL, USA.
Phone: 90-505-888-6686
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 07.12.1983


To obtain the position as a janitor in a work place where I can utilize my knowledge and experience.

About Me

Qualified, self-motivated, and capable individual with five years of experience as a janitor and having knowledge regarding all the products, equipments, and techniques needed in this field

Skills and Qualifications
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Deep knowledge of procedures and techniques used in the Maintenance Section
  • Knowledge of different chemicals used in cleaning
Career History

Janitor, Willkin's Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., Jacksonville, FL, 2008-present

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Sanitize the available facilities at the restroom: basins, urinals, and toilets
  • Vacuum the floor, carpets, curtains, etc
  • Clean and polish windows, mirrors, and walls
  • Dust and polish furniture and woodwork with specific solutions meant for certain surfaces
  • Maintain supplies in the restrooms
  • Mop and polish the floors
Janitor, East Library, Callaway, FL, 2005-2008

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Manage cleaning and maintenance supplies in a cost effective manner
  • Train new employees in the proper use of janitorial equipment, products, chemicals, and techniques
  • Perform cleaning and maintaining duties and other tasks as ordered

High School Diploma, Greenwood School, Callaway, FL


Ethan Hunter, Head of Staff, Willkin's Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., Jacksonville, FL
Maria Crawford, Curator, East Library, Callaway

Hope this janitor resume sample(see free resume @ was helpful to you. You can build your own resume along the lines of this resume sample.
The competition for jobs has become severe and to stay ahead of the competition, you need to keep a professional approach. Even if you are applying for job in agriculture based industry, you must send a resume to apply for any job. Those with several years of relevant work experience need to focus on their professional experience details, relevant education details and member ship of any association related to pesticide control inspection. Entry level candidates must focus on highlighting their academic background and internship experience (if any). The pesticide control inspector resume provided below has been drafted considering essential points that need to be highlighted in a resume.

Sample of pesticide control inspector resume is as follows:

Veronica M. Firestone
2644 Eden Drive
Richmond, VA 23233
Home: (804) 967 8055
Cell No.: (804) 912 8459

Job Objectives:

To work as Pesticide Control Inspector in a well-known agro based company that lays emphasis on following appropriate method of using pesticides.

Work Experience:

Designation: Pesticide Control Inspector
Name of the organization: Glen Agro Pharmaceutical Company
Duration: October, 2007 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Conduct research on the samples collected from various regions of the farms
  • Estimate the amount of pesticides and pollutants found in the farm area
  • Supervise the farmers and provide tips to them about using appropriate amount of pesticide
  • Training new staff at the farm about use of pesticide spraying tools
  • Supervising the pesticide spraying work at the farms
  • Submitting reports to the management and government as per the federal government regulations
  • Conducting and attending seminars related to pesticide control inspection
Designation: Assistant Pesticide Control Inspector
Name of the organization: United Agro Pharmaceutical Company
Duration: July, 2002 to October, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Conduct research on the samples of soil collected from the farms and sample of water from the nearby reservoir
  • Conduct various tests on the soil and water samples to determine the level of pollutants and harmful chemicals in it
  • Submitting test reports to the higher management and suggesting immediate measures that need to be taken to reduce environmental damage
  • Attending seminars and training session for pesticide control inspectors to stay updated about the federal and local government rules and regulations
  • Maintaining and repairing farming equipment so that only required amount of pesticide is sprayed on the crop

Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia, 2002


Certified course in pesticide control inspection, 2003


Member of Virginia Pesticide Control Inspector Association

Computer Proficiency:
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Word
  • Ms PowerPoint
  • Ms Outlook
  • Internet

Robert M. Vega
Administrative Head
Glen Agro Pharmaceutical Company
Head Office
4245 Steele Street
Richmond, VA 23245
Cell No.: (804) 912 1596

Kenneth S. Buttrey
HR Head
United Agro Pharmaceutical Company
Head Office
3697 Bates Brothers Road
Richmond, VA 23246
Cell No.: (804) 489 4786

The pesticide control inspector resume mentioned above would prove to be of great help to you when you are drafting a resume to apply for the post of pesticide control inspector.