When writing an event coordinator resume, you can go somewhat creative, since this job requires people having creative, novel ideas, and what better than display this in your resume. You should obviously be having an impressive work experience if you want your employers to be impressed by your presentation as well as your track record. Make sure your resume is free of obvious errors. Use a positive tone all throughout the resume and cover letter. Never sound negative or careless in your resume. When it comes to the part of landing a new job of your choice, every small step counts. Use active voice as this makes the content reader-friendly. Here is an event coordinator resume sample that will give you a great idea as to how you should compile your own resume.

                                                                        Event Coordinator Resume Sample

Personal Information

Name: Angelina Jackson
Address: 35, 67th Street, Lathrop Avenue, New Orleans, L.A.
E-mail: angelina.jackson@example.com
Marital Status: Single
Birth date: 10.02.1983

Seeking a rewarding position as an Event Coordinator in a reputed company where I can utilize my strong leadership and organizational skills to coordinate events and make them successful.

About Me

I am a dedicated, innovative, and talented Event Coordinator with exhaustive experience in event organizing, who loves being in charge and seeing all my ventures turn out successful.

Skills and qualifications
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working well even in tight budgets, under pressure on short deadlines
  • Great team player
  • Proficient in using MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop, Blackberry, etc.
  • Punctual
  • Efficient time-manager and quick decision maker
Work Experience

Event Coordinator, Bells Creative Works, New Orleans, L.A., 2006- present

ü  Duties and responsibilities
  • Worked under the event manager
  • Took decisions when the event manager was absent or too busy
  • Responsible for arranging for the venue, refreshments and providing other necessary amenities
  • Act as a go-between for the caterers, decorators, lights specialists and other workers
  • Responsible for maintaining the inventory of the department equipment, and work records
Event Coordinator, Windsor Events, Monroe, L.A., 2004-2006

ü  Duties and responsibilities
  • Attended all last minute errands, handled any problems that arose, and made sure everything goes according to plans
  • Maintained a direct contact with the PR persons of candidates and various organizations associated with the scheduled events
  • Making sure extra material is available for all events, creating back-ups, checking one the work activities of co-coordinators

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, L.A. State University
Diploma in Event Coordination

Achievements and affiliations

Member of the LA Event Coordinators


Lydia Barnes, Chief Event Manager, Windsor Events, Monroe, L.A. (237 652 2375)

Hope this resume example has given you a good idea about the typical resume rules you need to follow, and certain things you need to specifically mention in you event coordinator resume.
A Chief Order dispatcher resume should be constructed in a way that makes the employer call you for an interview as soon as reading it. For this, first you need to understand the requirements of a chief order dispatcher resume. A chief order dispatcher resume falls into the category of administrative resumes. As we know that administrative jobs are the most important and highest ranking jobs in any organization, hence your chief order dispatcher resume should be extremely remarkable. Let us try to get a hang of what this job is about and what are the things you should keep in mind while writing a chief order dispatcher resume.

A chief order dispatcher works in the field of services and utilities, and executes managerial and supervisory functions, in any given company that receives orders from its customers for the products and services it is offering. Coordinating the work of dispatchers and clerks, via telephone or in person, who manage orders from clients, is one of the significant tasks of a chief order dispatcher. They look after all the details necessary for an order to be delivered correctly and to achieve the satisfaction of the client, and they should be able to manage personnel issues, assign work, and monitor the performance of clerks and workers.

Some important resume tips that you should keep in mind are given below:
  • Use a cover letter to accompany your resume as it complements your resume
  • Use a positive tone in the resume
  • Try to avoid the use of passive voice as much as possible
  • Use action words like "organized XYZ event" instead of " organizing member of XYZ event"
  • Avoid making typos, grammatical and spelling errors
  • Use bullet points and tables, which makes the resume appear neat and clean instead of long paragraphs and sentences that make it jam-packed
  • List events in a chronological manner, with the latest and hence, most important events first
  • Avoid jargon, slang, flowery and complicated language as it is a professional resume, therefore should be professional, stylish, yet not too showy
  • It is recommended to mention references, but first think well who you want to add as references and then take their permission before listing them
  • Proofread! And again, Proofread! It is never enough to just overlook the resume just one more time, as every time you might find something you missed earlier
  • Do not furbish false information and do not try to hide any important information that may be important for the organization policies
Follow these tips through and you will end up with a nicely constructed executive resume that will help you in landing the job of your choice. We hope that you will now start working towards your successful chief order dispatcher resume and it will help you win the job you are after.
The jobs in the forestry and agriculture department are challenging and the employers prefer selecting candidates with work experience. You should highlight your professional experience in the forest department in your resume. Resume is an important document that you have to send to apply for any job. You can draft a customized resume specific to the tree faller job profile using the resume sample provided below. Once you complete drafting your resume, you need to proofread it. The recruiter has just few second to glance through your resume. Therefore, you must take efforts to draft a resume that highlights vital details in your resume. You must focus on your professional summary and work experience.

Following is the example of tree faller resume:

Contact Details:

Name: Marcus M. Weaver
Address: 665 Pretty View Lane Yountville, CA 94599
Home: 707-489-6712
Cell no.: 707-945-6700
Email-id: marcus.w@anymail.com

Professional Summary:
  • Over nine years of work experience as Tree Faller in Forest and Timber management companies
  • Proficient in cutting different types of forest and trees and planning tree fall path
  • Complete knowledge about equipment management, repair and maintenance
  • Knowledge about government rules and regulation about tree cutting
Job Objectives:

To work as Tree Faller in a leading Forest management company that believes in using appropriate methods for timber collection without disturbing the environment.

Work Experience:

Tree Faller, AFC Forest Company, CA, March, 2005 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Drafting the plan for tree cutting as per the requirement of timber
  • Selecting and marking the trees that need to be cut
  • Working in coordination with the team of tree fallers to clear the tree falling area
  • Cutting the tree using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Using bulldozers to carry the logs back to the company and for clearing the tree fall path
  • Making sure that all the tree cutting tools are in working condition
Tree Faller, GDC Forest Services, CA, July, 2002 to January, 2005

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Selecting trees that need to be cut down as per the plan provided by the Forest Tree Cutting Supervisor
  • Estimating safe fall area for the trees to be cut, clearing bushes and other tree branches to make space for the falling trees
  • Inspecting the trees to be cut and making a plan about the weekly tree cutting target
  • Making sure that the tree is cut appropriately using correct tools
  • Repairing and maintaining chainsaws and other equipment used for cutting trees
  • Providing medical aid in case of emergency

Course Name: High School Diploma
Name of the School: St. Xavier's High School, CA
Year of Passing: 2002


Member of tree faller association, CA


Wade S. Neese
HR Head
AFC Forest Company
3770 Wines Lane
Yountville, CA 94599
Cell no.: 707-945-7458
Email-id: wade.n@anymail.com

Mark D. Kistler
HR Manager
GDC Forest Services
1657 Hilltop Street
Yountville, CA 94598
Cell no.: 707-945-4592
Email-id: mark.k@anymail.com

You can use the tree faller resume provided above when you are applying for the post of tree faller in any company.
Who is a media planner? What requirements and responsibilities do media planners have? How do you make a successful media planner resume? Answers to all these questions and much more are what we are providing you in this article. So, who exactly is a media planner? A media planner is an individual who works for a media or advertising agency and is responsible for the advertisement placement and media selection for the clients. They also may need to identify the target audiences, analyze their mindsets and choices, keep abreast of latest media trends, developments, and market trends, etc. Media planners are a very important part of the PR and advertising team for successful running of any company or organization.

When creating a media planner's resume, I would recommend you to use a positive tone all throughout the resume and cover letter. Now do not ask what a cover letter is. I hope a job seeker should know the importance of a cover letter. It introduces and complements your resume, and lets you personalize your application a bit. Thus, a cover letter is extremely important for a resume. The resume is a formal document and hence any personal statements should not be made on the resume. Again, try to use active voice instead of passive all throughout the resume and cover letter. Another mistake most jobseekers make is listing the references without even taking their permission. Do not commit this mistake and even more so when you have not ensured whether that person will have only positive things to add about you. Other things to avoid are lies, false information, exaggeration, wordy sentences, windy paragraphs, silly mistakes, irrelevant information, negative tone, flowery and ornamental language, fancy fonts, etc. Be professional, although that does not mean you need to be boring. List your qualifications and work experiences in a chronological manner i.e. list the most recent and the most important events first. Try to use same format for the dates, names of software, events list, etc. Therefore, try to maintain constancy in the resume.

Now, write an impressive short career objective that will make an impact on the employer and give. Here, short means you are not supposed to write a long paragraph in there. Here is a sample career objective that can be put into a media planner resume:

Looking for the position as a media planner in a reputed company where I can put my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to use.

However, I will suggest that you use your own words in this particular section. It is always a welcome change for the employer when one in so many resumes is a bit different and interesting. Therefore, try to be as individualistic and impressive as possible.

Here are the sections that you need to include in your resume:

Resume Sections
Personal Information

Career Objective


Employment History

Skills and Abilities

Activities and Honors


All these resume tips will be immensely helpful when you start writing your resume. I am sure if you follow these tips, your media planner resume will enable you to avail of any job opportunity you find interesting. So now, you can go and start your resume build-up. Nevertheless, do not forget proofreading it and do not forget to start working on the cover letter next.
Be it a cute blue bird tweeting away, or a portable library, men in black singing about a phone, or a big bucketful of chicken wings- what catches your attention stays in your mind. It can be irritating, funny or maybe just has a catchy jingle; advertisements are meant to be noticed. The advertising industry is one of the foolproof industries that will always be trending. Consumers need to know all about a product or a service before they choose to use it. Hence, advertising industry will always be progressing. In advertising industry, there are many job posts, and for each one of these, you need to apply along with your resume, which should display your finest qualities in the best way possible. In addition, you being a professional from the advertising industry, your resume should to be exceptionally good as you are supposed to be good at advertising stuff, including your service. For each of these jobs, you will need to tailor your resume according to the requirements of that specific post. However, there are certain resume writing rules that are common to all resumes in general. You need to take into account these resume writing tips before starting on your advertising resume. 

Advertising Resume - "TO DOs":
  • Use positive tone
  • Better to write the resume and cover letter in active voice
  • Mention references in the resume
  • Write complete contact details and be careful about it if you want the employers to contact you
  • Write an impressive and personalized career objective
  • Use bullet points, which make data easy to read
  • List all events (work experience and education) chronologically- with the latest and the most important mentioned first
  • Proofread after completing the resume to weed out any mistakes present. Get it checked from someone else too, as what you think is correct in a resume, might not necessarily be
Advertising Resume - "NOT TO DOs":
  • Do not use jargon or slang in the resume as it is a professional document
  • Exaggeration, truism, and irrelevance should be avoided in resumes
  • Lies!!! All they are going to do is get you in trouble. Lies are never going to help you in resumes
  • Do not list references without their permission
  • Do not leave out any important information as it might lead to your resume ending up in the bin. The HR may get suspicious that you are trying to hide information and may reject your resume
These are some helpful tips that, if followed meticulously, will lead you to your successful resume and dream interview.
A timekeeper is responsible for managing employee payroll, and office in and out time data. They work in coordination with the payroll team. They may compute employee wages, deductions and accordingly prepare paychecks. To apply for this post you should have knowledge about using payroll softwares and database as most companies use softwares to store these details. You also need knowledge about payroll management and time tracking systems. When you are drafting timekeeper resume, you must focus on your professional experience details, work experience, and education details.

Following is the sample of Timekeeper resume:

Ricky M. Redmond
2123 Cherry Tree Drive
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Home: 904-388-4211
Cell No.: 904-388-4789
Email-id: ricky.r@examplemail.com

Job Objectives:

To work as a Timekeeper in a well-known company that uses new technology and softwares to maintain employee's data.

Work Experience:

Designation: Timekeeper
Company Name: GCB Company Pvt. Ltd., Florida
Duration: August, 2009 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining and reviewing employee daily attendance data to keep track of employees absenteeism
  • Making sure that all the leaves and other salary adjustments are made appropriately in payroll
  • Keeping track of employees transfers, resignations and exemptions to keep the payroll records updated
  • Regularly updating and taking backup of payroll database
  • Maintaining records of employees medical insurance, pension plans and other such employee benefit plan
  • Solving employees queries related to discrepancies in their salaries
Designation: Timekeeper
Company Name: ADC Company Pvt. Ltd., Florida
Duration: May, 2007 to August, 2009

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining time sheet, employees work sheet, and compute the wages of the employees
  • Reviewing various employee work and attendance records to calculate discrepancies in employees payroll calculations
  • Processing issues related to employees payment, earning and deductions
  • Making sure that all the payroll related and attendance details are entered into the payroll software
  • Keeping track of employees leaves such as sick leave, personal leaves, vacations, etc
  • Keeping track of absence of employee from work due to official travel
  • Sending daily arrival and departure report to the management

High School Diploma, University of Florida, 2007


Timekeeper Certification from XYZ Institute

Computer Proficiency:
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Word
  • Ms PowerPoint
  • Ms Access
  • Payroll Software

Member of Timekeeper Association


Tony E. Prosser
HR Manager
GCB Company Pvt. Ltd.
3519 Broadway Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Cell No.: 904-388-1598
Email-id: tony.p@examplemail.com

Harold V. Williams
HR Head
ADC Company Pvt. Ltd.
82 Delaware Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Cell No.: 904-388-8495
Email-id: harold.w@examplemail.com   

The timekeeper resume sample must be drafted in such a way that they highlight the candidates work experience details and professional expertise. You should keep the formatting of your resume simple and professional. Never use bright colors to highlight details in your resume. You must go through your resume several times to get rid of all the mistakes in your resume. You may ask your well-wisher to go through your resume and point out spelling, grammar or typo errors in your resume.
A public accountant resume sample is used when applying for the job post of a public accountant. Public accountants provide services to government or non-government organizations, and corporations ranging from tax, consulting, auditing, and accounting. Make sure your resume is written to impress. It should have a positive tone and use of active voice. It should be free of cliches and other mistakes like typos, and spelling and grammatical mistakes. Proofread your resume many times for this. Never send a resume without an accompanying cover letter, as it is one of the basic rules of business communications. We have a public accountant resume so that you will have a better idea as to how to go about this resume formatting:

Personal Information

Name: Cristina Ramirez
Address: 285 Warrant Street, Cedar Avenue, Jacksonville, FL
E-mail: cristina.ramirez@example.com
Marital Status: Married
Birth date: 20.01.1977


Looking for a Public Accountant position in a well known firm where I can use my excellent communication skills outstanding problem-solving skills

About me

Proficient and hard-working Public Accountant with six years experience in accounting, financial consulting, and taxes of many reputed firms

Skills and qualifications
  • Exceptional communication skills, used in collaborating with both employees and clients
  • Brilliant investigative and analytical skills
  • Good time-management skills
  • Broad knowledge in accounting, and financial consulting techniques and dealings
  • Expertise in a variety of computer programs and applications: Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Proficiency in financial planning, bookkeeping, budgeting, auditing

Public Accountant, Weikster & Brian, Callaway, Florida, 2005–present

Duties and responsibilities
  • Planned the tax returns of the business
  • Supervised and handled the finance
  • Tested and confirmed various monetary documents to determine frauds
  • Formed efficient strategies used to diminish the taxes of the firm
  • Helped in designing and implementation of software programs for the accounting departments

Supervising Senior Accountant, Williamson & Williamson Ltd., New York, NY, 2000-2005

Duties and responsibilities
  • Planned the budgeting of audit projects of the company in order of smooth running of the organization
  • Prepared the financial statements of the company
  • Reported fiscal issues directly to the administration
  • Hired, trained, coordinated, and supervised the activities of accountant clerks


Master's of Science in Accountancy, Florida University

Bachelors of Science in Accountancy, Florida University


Dean's List, Florida University

Member of the American Accounting Association since 2005

Areas of interest






Joshua Smith, Personnel Manager, Weikster & Brian, Florida. (Contact no.: 2534133457)