_To apply for jobs in creative field, you need a well-planned, effective resume. Make sure your resume focuses on your work expertise, professional achievements, and skills. It is essential that after reading your resume, the employer understands your suitability for the job. After drafting your resume, you need to proofread it. Sending an error-free, effective assistant director resume will help to improve your chance of getting selected for the job.

                                                                            Assistant Director Resume Sample

Contact Details:

Name: Deena E. Adame
Address: 1239 Cardinal Lane, Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Home Phone: (216) 970 5997
Mobile No.: (216) 970 8437
Email-id: deena.adame@anymail.com

Job Objective

I would like to work as Assistant Director with leading Film Production Company, where I can use my knowledge about coordinating work of film crew.

Work Experience

Designation: Assistant Director
Name of Company: GBC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: October, 2007 to present

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Plan and coordinate the position, framing of camera, and sound recording for every shot
  • Supervise the work of camera, lighting, sound, and design crew members
  • Assist the Director to plan the different scenes
  • Conduct meeting with the technicians team, crew members, managers, and writers to discuss details of the project
  • Attend meeting with the producer to plan the budget of the project
Designation: Assistant Director
Name of Company: BDS Company Inc.
Duration: June, 2003 to October, 2007

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Help to plan the weekly schedule of the team
  • Work in coordination with the Director to plan the scenes to be shot during the day
  • Attend meetings to understand the scene and the things that need to be planned for the scene
  • Make arrangements for the rehearsals, light and sound development, and costume fittings

Bachelor of Arts, University of Ohio, 2003

  • Hardworking
  • Able to coordinate the work of team members
  • Good analytical skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Certified Assistant Director from FTC Film Institute


Member of the American Assistant Director Association


Name: Daniel M. Dillard
Designation: HR Head
Name of Company: GBC Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 3688 Layman Avenue, Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Mobile No.: (216) 970 1735
Email-id: daniel.d@anymail.com

Name: Mike S. Emanuel
Designation: HR Manager
Name of Company: BDS Company Inc.
Address: 455 Jody Road, Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Mobile No.: (216) 970 7431
Email-id: mike.e@anymail.com

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