A resume is a detailed document displaying the complete details of a job-seeking individual. It is always written in a very strict and formal format and details like educational qualification, prior job experiences, merits, and honors are provided in order to have a positive impact on the company, which is recruiting or looking for new employees.

A resume is usually one to three pages, and focuses the reader's attention to a person's background that is directly related to a particular position. Resumes should contain keywords that potential employers are looking for. Using active verbs and displaying content in a flattering manner is another way of making a positive impact on the employer. Recent trends have extended the length of a resume and many companies are now seeking a more detailed and lengthier resume in order to separate a potentially good candidate from the rest of the herd.

Given below is a list of duties and responsibilities, which an Admitting Office Manager is expected to practice:
  • Manage the admission staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance
  • Strictly adhere to the company policies and make sure the staff follows them as well
  • Listen, solve any grievances or issues of the staff, and make sure they follow a healthy and professional conduct when in the company premises
  • Implement new rules as well as making the staff aware of any new rules and regulations that have been enforced by the company
  • Provide facilities and training to new recruits and make them aware of the various company policies
When preparing a resume for the post of an admitting office manager, the following points should be kept in mind:
  • First, make sure your resume has a very formal and professional outlook
  • Provide every pertinent detail of your educational qualifications, previous job experiences and make sure you explain them explicitly
  • Ensure you do not provide any irrelevant information as it deviates the employer from your resume
  • Do not forget to provide your contact details so that the employer can get back to you if they have any doubt
  • Always remember to be courteous
  • Never deviate from the format, which has been provided to you and being too boastful of your achievement should not be practiced as well
  • Give every detail of your achievements without any exaggeration whatsoever
                                                                Sample Admitting Office Manager Resume

Sharon S. Barrow
1176 Happy Hollow Road
Wilmington, NC 28412
Home: (888) 888-8888
Cell: 910-538-5700


Applying for position as an Admitting Office Manager in your esteemed company (company name)


I am a professionally trained Office Manager with prior work experiences as an Admitting Manager in two places namely Gotham Central Hospital and CBZ Telecom. Trained in medical office work with immense leadership qualities, a never end thirst for knowledge, and good communication skills as well.


Admitting Office Manager, 2007-09

Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA

In my stint there, my primary duties were admitting patients, managing the staff and overlook their proper functioning and maintenance. I was lauded for my efforts and was presented with the 'Devotion to Duty' award by the hospital many times.

Admitting Office Clerk, 2009-Current

CBZ Telecom, Ohio City, Ohio

My experience here has been very enriching and has provided me with a lot of knowledge and some technical expertise as well. I have been rewarded for my dedication towards the work here as well.

A.A., Info Management Institute, 2005
Abc Community College, Minnesota, USA
Accolades and Involvements
  • 'Devotion to Duty' by Gotham Central Hospital, Gotham City, USA
  • 100% Attendance record by CBZ Telecom
Other Personal Details

Date of Birth: 18 June 1990
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: American
Children: None
Driver's License: Yes, B category