Who is a media planner? What requirements and responsibilities do media planners have? How do you make a successful media planner resume? Answers to all these questions and much more are what we are providing you in this article. So, who exactly is a media planner? A media planner is an individual who works for a media or advertising agency and is responsible for the advertisement placement and media selection for the clients. They also may need to identify the target audiences, analyze their mindsets and choices, keep abreast of latest media trends, developments, and market trends, etc. Media planners are a very important part of the PR and advertising team for successful running of any company or organization.

When creating a media planner's resume, I would recommend you to use a positive tone all throughout the resume and cover letter. Now do not ask what a cover letter is. I hope a job seeker should know the importance of a cover letter. It introduces and complements your resume, and lets you personalize your application a bit. Thus, a cover letter is extremely important for a resume. The resume is a formal document and hence any personal statements should not be made on the resume. Again, try to use active voice instead of passive all throughout the resume and cover letter. Another mistake most jobseekers make is listing the references without even taking their permission. Do not commit this mistake and even more so when you have not ensured whether that person will have only positive things to add about you. Other things to avoid are lies, false information, exaggeration, wordy sentences, windy paragraphs, silly mistakes, irrelevant information, negative tone, flowery and ornamental language, fancy fonts, etc. Be professional, although that does not mean you need to be boring. List your qualifications and work experiences in a chronological manner i.e. list the most recent and the most important events first. Try to use same format for the dates, names of software, events list, etc. Therefore, try to maintain constancy in the resume.

Now, write an impressive short career objective that will make an impact on the employer and give. Here, short means you are not supposed to write a long paragraph in there. Here is a sample career objective that can be put into a media planner resume:

Looking for the position as a media planner in a reputed company where I can put my exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to use.

However, I will suggest that you use your own words in this particular section. It is always a welcome change for the employer when one in so many resumes is a bit different and interesting. Therefore, try to be as individualistic and impressive as possible.

Here are the sections that you need to include in your resume:

Resume Sections
Personal Information

Career Objective


Employment History

Skills and Abilities

Activities and Honors


All these resume tips will be immensely helpful when you start writing your resume. I am sure if you follow these tips, your media planner resume will enable you to avail of any job opportunity you find interesting. So now, you can go and start your resume build-up. Nevertheless, do not forget proofreading it and do not forget to start working on the cover letter next.
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