_You need to put extra efforts to draft an effective resume as it is an important tool to market yourself, during the recruitment process. The parking analyst resume must be divided into appropriate sections that will help to improve the readability of the resume. Set some time aside to proofread the parking analyst resume several times and make it error-free.

                                                                        Sample Parking Analyst Resume

Contact Details:

Name: Ruben L. Hansen
Address: 2522 Peck Court, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Home Phone: (949) 435 7400
Mobile No.: (949) 435 5489
Email-id: ruben.h@anymail.com

Job Objective

Professional Parking Analyst with around nine years of work experience and would like to work in a well-known company, where I can utilize my parking analysis skills.

Work Experience

Title:  Parking Analyst
Name of Organization: MNT Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: January, 2006 to present

Roles and Responsibilities
  • To survey the parking area of the building along with the parking analysis team
  • Plan the parking area in such a way that maximum number of vehicles can be safely parked
  • Attend meetings with the client and management to discuss the parking space analysis plan
  • Discuss other details such as parking fees, capacity of the parking space, and turnover of vehicles
  • Get the parking place design approved from the management and evaluate the price required for the construction of the parking space
Title: Assistant Parking Analyst
Name of Organization: GTC Company Inc.
Duration: June, 2002 to January, 2006

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Assist the parking analyst to inspect the parking space, determine the best parking plan, and technology to be used
  • Study new parking technology used for safe and compact parking
  • Attend meeting with the client to discuss the parking project budget and plan
  • To design the diagrammatic representation of the parking plans
Education Details

Bachelor of Commerce, University of California, 2002
High School Diploma, St. Teresa High School, 1999

  • Good analysis skills
  • Hard working
  • Punctual
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Leadership skills
Computer Skills
  • Internet
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Outlook
  • MS Excel
  • Ms Power Point
  • Graphic design software

Certified Parking Analyst from DNC Institute


Member of the California Parking Analyst Association


Name: Albert L. Huston
Title:  HR Manager
Name of Organization: MNT Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 4785 Sun Court, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Mobile No.: (949) 435 1139
Email-id: albert.h@anymail.com

Name: Michael D. McDonald
Title:  HR Head
Name of Organization: GTC Company Inc.
Address: 4785 Sun Court, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Mobile No.: (949) 435 7432
Email-id: michael.m@anymail.com
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