Records are a part and parcel of our lives. It follows us like our shadow right from our birth till we finally close our eyes. When we relate it to the business, it has a totally different kind of importance. In business, you have to follow a proper system to manage and retain records, which is possible only by implementing a well-planned and need-based records-management system. Since lots of activities take place simultaneously in a business, it becomes compelling for companies to analyze the records-management systems. Here, the skills and experience of analysts are needed. If you enjoy examining a system, and have the needed qualification, write a records-management analyst resume.

The records-management analyst reviews the records-management systems and finds out whether the company is following the Federal or state regulations in retaining, maintaining and disposing business records. This is essential because financial records are to be maintained for seven years according to the law. Thus, considering the primary responsibilities of this position, the records-management analyst resume should show in-depth knowledge of records management. This employment would need you to evaluate the existing procedures in records maintenance and develop new and effective methods or policies that could help the management to keep the records safe.

The records-management analyst resume should include the needed skills such as communication, problem-solving and office maintenance. The employers would also watch for your abilities to conduct research and present report. If you are not sure about describing skills and abilities, take help from resume writing tips online. This resume sample given below will also help you in creating one.

                                                                            Records-Management Analyst Resume

Patrick J. Monson
3866 Shinn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
Phone: (724) XXX-7358


To work as a records-management analyst and help the company in following Federal and State regulations for storing, maintaining and disposing business records.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Knowledge of the procedures and methods used for records retention and schedules
  • Awareness about the Federal, state regulations concerning business records
  • Knowledge to schedule projects, conduct research and interviews to analyze records
  • Familiarity with recordkeeping systems, and software
  • Skilled in interpreting applicable rules for records retention
  • Exceptional organization and time-management skills
  • Unusual coordination and communication skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
Work Experience

Records-Management Analyst
ABC Manufacturing Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 
2008 – Present
  • Review and evaluate existing records-management systems
  • Implement new effective methods in maintaining, protecting, handling and disposing business records
  • Communicate with staff and collect information for reviewing and problem-solving
  • Research problematic areas and draft a report of amendment
  • Train staff on how to handle, and manage business records
  • Reviews forms and reports to evaluate the format, purpose and distribution
  • Plan training schedules and draft manuals to help employees in using, and following records maintenance process
  • Review the department’s record-keeping and filing systems and provide necessary suggestions or recommendations
  • Calculate the available space to plot and draft storage and office layout
  • Transfer existing records to inactive or storage devices according to the records retention schedule and government timetable imposed for recordkeeping, or destroying records no longer in use
  • Evaluate and provide suggestions for modifications or changes in record filing methods

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
Business University, Pittsburgh, PA 


On request

The records-management analysts have to evaluate the record keeping systems of an organization. They have to find ways and methods that could help the management to conduct the business operations effectively and efficiently. If you can shoulder these responsibilities, make changes in this records-management analyst resume sample and convert it into yours by adding your skills and qualifications.

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