A timekeeper is responsible for managing employee payroll, and office in and out time data. They work in coordination with the payroll team. They may compute employee wages, deductions and accordingly prepare paychecks. To apply for this post you should have knowledge about using payroll softwares and database as most companies use softwares to store these details. You also need knowledge about payroll management and time tracking systems. When you are drafting timekeeper resume, you must focus on your professional experience details, work experience, and education details.

Following is the sample of Timekeeper resume:

Ricky M. Redmond
2123 Cherry Tree Drive
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Home: 904-388-4211
Cell No.: 904-388-4789
Email-id: ricky.r@examplemail.com

Job Objectives:

To work as a Timekeeper in a well-known company that uses new technology and softwares to maintain employee's data.

Work Experience:

Designation: Timekeeper
Company Name: GCB Company Pvt. Ltd., Florida
Duration: August, 2009 to present

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining and reviewing employee daily attendance data to keep track of employees absenteeism
  • Making sure that all the leaves and other salary adjustments are made appropriately in payroll
  • Keeping track of employees transfers, resignations and exemptions to keep the payroll records updated
  • Regularly updating and taking backup of payroll database
  • Maintaining records of employees medical insurance, pension plans and other such employee benefit plan
  • Solving employees queries related to discrepancies in their salaries
Designation: Timekeeper
Company Name: ADC Company Pvt. Ltd., Florida
Duration: May, 2007 to August, 2009

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Maintaining time sheet, employees work sheet, and compute the wages of the employees
  • Reviewing various employee work and attendance records to calculate discrepancies in employees payroll calculations
  • Processing issues related to employees payment, earning and deductions
  • Making sure that all the payroll related and attendance details are entered into the payroll software
  • Keeping track of employees leaves such as sick leave, personal leaves, vacations, etc
  • Keeping track of absence of employee from work due to official travel
  • Sending daily arrival and departure report to the management

High School Diploma, University of Florida, 2007


Timekeeper Certification from XYZ Institute

Computer Proficiency:
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Word
  • Ms PowerPoint
  • Ms Access
  • Payroll Software

Member of Timekeeper Association


Tony E. Prosser
HR Manager
GCB Company Pvt. Ltd.
3519 Broadway Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Cell No.: 904-388-1598
Email-id: tony.p@examplemail.com

Harold V. Williams
HR Head
ADC Company Pvt. Ltd.
82 Delaware Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 3220
Cell No.: 904-388-8495
Email-id: harold.w@examplemail.com   

The timekeeper resume sample must be drafted in such a way that they highlight the candidates work experience details and professional expertise. You should keep the formatting of your resume simple and professional. Never use bright colors to highlight details in your resume. You must go through your resume several times to get rid of all the mistakes in your resume. You may ask your well-wisher to go through your resume and point out spelling, grammar or typo errors in your resume.
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